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Skin rash help please

OK, I don't like taking the kids to the dr unless it's necessary, and I'd rather spend $20 on good skin cream than use it for a co-pay just for my dr to prescribe a steroid cream we wouldn't use anyway. So you mamas please help.

DS occasionally gets this rash that flares up on his skin. He naturally has dry skin, but today he's totally broken out worse than I've seen before. It's tiny red bumps all over that seem to itch. They're most concentrated around the insides of his arms (crook), but also on his tummy and upper thighs.

He also has it just a little bit around his right eye! I would post a pic except the laptop is broken, and I'm using an ancient computer right now without the digital camera hookups. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what it might be and what I could use on it? I'm looking for natural/homeopathic stuff, not cortisone.
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