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Re: Pack your bags!

Oh if you get a good nurse it's fun to watch them fight them off, LOL!!! I saw someone else mentioned pics and forgot to say something about that. Are you doing lamaze or anything where you would want a focal point? I brought my son's (or one) ultrasound pic in a frame and put it in a table and used it as my focal point for labor. Other than that, we didn't bring anything along those lines - I felt like I would forget them!
I know how you feel about the MIL part - we just didn't tell them we were going into the hospital. They just got called (I think DH called them first, though) after ds was born. Get a sign to put on the door for when you're nursing or just don't want her in there - if DH tells her what it means (not to come in) then maybe she'd listen, LOL.
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