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Re: To disturb or not to disturb LO in the morning

Originally Posted by 4littlenorskes View Post
I'm just curious why she thinks it's unfair?
My ds2 always did that, it was great! He was happy and when he was ready to get up he'd call me or if his breakfast was ready I'd go get him. I see nothing wrong with it!
Well it sounded to me like she was saying that I am keeping him locked up in his room for no reason, like some sort of punishment. I really didn't understand her reasoning, but it did make me question as to whether or not this would have a lasting negative impact on him. I truly don't believe so, maybe he'll have imaginary friends but that's not a terrible thing.

I'm definitely not going to stop leaving him, as soon as he starts calling out to me I go get him. In fact, most of the time I go get him before he calls because I am ready and need to get him ready.
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