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Re: Has your circ'd son had any complications, major or minor?

Originally Posted by jac1976 View Post
I don't know if this counts, but my son has a "semi-circ". The doc didn't take enough foreskin off during the circumcision, so there is still a lot of skin left around the tip. He doesn't look circ'd and he doesn't look intact- he's somewhere in the middle. A few docs recommended I get him re-circ'd when he turned one, but when I pressed them as to the reasons why, they admitted it would only be cosmetic. I let them know that I wasn't going to expose my child to the risks of general anesthesia for a purely elective, cosmetic procedure. DH wasn't happy with my decision not to have it redone, but he was in Iraq, so he didn't get a say. DS will be 5 next month and it has never been an issue since.
This happened to one of my twins and the only way I even KNEW it was different was because I had two babies to compare to. It never caused any problems and like they said, it would only be for cosmetic reasons.

I wouldn't consider this a complication by any means!
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