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Re: Instead Cups/Resuable Cups For TTC & Gender Swaying Support Thread

Hey these other ladies got BFP also with trying IC's!!! Just to add a little more icing onto the cake for the others that are going to try it also

Elizabeth429 (1st time)
Armywife08 (2nd time)
Madilynsmomma (1st try...shes on there, but not that it took her 1 try)

I just typed a really long post and then it deleted....GRRRR, so I'm new to this board...but I think I am going to try IC's also! I'm so excited! Let me see if I can remember everything I put and shorten it now because I am running out of time...sorry.

I'm on CD3, anyone want to be CD buddies?
Maca- What does it help with, how much do you take, what days do you take it, and where do you buy it?
Mucinex- Isn't this something for colds? If you have okay CM would it hurt to take this?
Preseed- Since I am not familiar with my CM and I have never paid much attention to it and have never used lube, I'm not sure if I would benefit from it. I've have 3 kids, that I got preg. with the first cycle trying, and now am having alittle difficulties, so I am looking into other things now. Where do you buy it? Do you use it for every bd or just fertile bd? So you just squeeze some out and put it where it's suppose to go? SOrry for TMI and sounding silly.

Where do I look for IC's at the store...where the tampons and stuff are?
Do you use them only during fertile bd's or all the time? (What if you don't know when you O?)
Anyone take Zinc or B6? Does it help with ovulation? What does?

TIA, sorry I had to make that really short.

Congrats to the MANY BFP's mommas on here! More BFP's thatn BFN's on this thread it seems, which is usually uncommon...but GREAT!!!
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