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Re: March 2013 Due Dates ****Sticky*****

Edd: 3/03/13

Name: Flomeeka
Age: 30 ( n 7 days)
State: maryland

How long it took: i wasnt trying so I wouldnt no

Number child this will be : baby #5 pregnancy #7

Family: significant other we have been together for almost 3yrs, my oldest son is 10, my second son just turned 5, my daughtes are 4 and 3.

Gender: doesnt matter but daddys hoping for his first child to be a boy, i feel that will be a boy as well. But like i said it doesnt matter really just healthy

Birth plans: hoping to stay pregnant for at least 38 and a half weeks really want a piesces baby not an aquarius. But for the most part just maintaing me and the babies health.
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