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Re: Tell me about NFP

There are definitely some NFP methods which are very effective during the postpartum period. I believe the Creighton Model FertilityCare System is the best... which is why I teach the method It is based on observations of cervical mucus which show up prior to ovulation - basically, when you start seeing signs of cervical mucus, you know that you are fertile so would avoid intercourse if you want to avoid a pregnancy. That's the general concept, but of course, there is more to it then that which is why private classes are held with the teacher and the couple pretty frequently in the beginning while you are learning the nuances.
It is very effective in avoiding pregnancy as long as you follow the instructions. 99.5% effective when used perfectly and 96.8% with typical use.
Even when returning to fertility after the birth of a baby, the cervical mucus will give you advance notice of ovulation. This is especially important because you can ovulate before your first period.
As far as your irregular periods, it is very common for the first 2-3 cycles after the baby is born to be pretty erratic.
Sorry if I was too wordy - I'm passionate about it! Personally, I used the method easily after the birth of my almost 2 year old son.
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