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Re: Kids traveling alone.

Originally Posted by m0mof6 View Post
While he does not have his own cellphone we do have several prepaid ones and he will be taking the one that has the largest reception. I'm also debating giving him cash vs a prepaid card. If I do cash I'll send some to his Aunt to give him for the ride home as he likes to spend money.
Maybe give him mostly cash and then load a card with some money that is strictly for emergencies. That way if he misses a connection or some other emergency comes up he'll have some spare money.

Originally Posted by m0mof6 View Post
As a child, does he have to have an ID to board? I know adults do and we will be getting him one but what if he loses it? (not likely but..)
Yes, he'll need one if he's not flying as an unaccompanied minor. He can get a state ID since he's too young for a DL. They're usually only like $15 at your DMV.
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