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Re: How much do you pay for private insurance?

OP I see you are in Oklahoma - have you looked in to Insure Oklahoma? If your DH works for a small employer (les than 99 employees) that offers no insurance and makes under 56K i am pretty sure you qualify.....

Insure Oklahoma

Its a sliding scale that maxes out at $260 per month i believe..... My parents have used this in the past while moving around in their careers. It does NOT cover vision or dental - but it is "Decent" for the price. 1mil lifetime max, $10 co-pays..... its essentially our state medicaid program (Soonercare) for adults/families. Depending on your family size and income your kids may also qualify for Soonercare for free.

As for truly "private" insurance on the Oklahoma market - the best price for coverage i have found for my family of 5 is BC/BS OK.... about $450 per month (inclds dental, not vision)..... we have no pre-existing conditions.
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