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Re: How much do you pay for private insurance?

Originally Posted by crunchymom2b View Post
Oh my goodness I can't believe the prices some of your families pay. I think it's absolutely disgusting what healthcare looks like in our country. I am extremely thankful for my state insurance. I never imagined things like high BP during labor or a blood clot would be considering PEC. Awful. I hope the new laws can start making a difference and soon
This is true. DH makes pretty good money on paper, but after you figure in about $12,000 for premiums plus dental plus our $5,000 deductible plus about $25,000 in taxes each year with no tax return, we don't make as much as you would think. I think the deductible should be tax deductible for private insurance because if you have company insurance and add that back in to what you make, many people make much more, they just don't realize it. It is ridiculous how much the middle class is taxed after you make about $50,000. We used to make less and when you added in our benefits, we did better. Not much of an incentive to make more.
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