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Re: How much milk do you drink? WOW

Yes, I have had a few threads about supply issues and have been seeing an LC for over 2 months.

I am on round two of metoclopramide (great OB) and am taking all the herbs, drinking water and eating oatmeal.
My son had only gained 1.5 lb at ~9.5 weeks. We have an appt with a specialist for him, he had some abnormalities on prenatal and postnatal US with one of his kidneys, but don't think that is the problem since he gains weight with supplementation. He has always wetted enough diapers, etc, so I didn't think supply issue for me, maybe I make diet milk. My pedi wants to also make certain he is able to absorb nutrients okay since I told her I think he is being overfed now (based on my estimates of my supply/supplementation). He is finally gaining so I am happy, not happy my goal of EBF isn't happening, but the baby seems content after feedings for the first time since birth, so I will live with it.
Right now we are kind of floating while we try to sort things out.
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