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Re: Cosleeping bed options?

Originally Posted by CottonMamma
I hope this doesn't sound nuts but it may be fine for you all to sleep together w/o another option like bolting the crib, etc. DH moved around a ton in his sleep & I was also a space hog. It's weird though, when our boys sleep with us, we know that they're there & can still sleep w/o harming them. It's sort of like knowing that the edge of the bed is there while you're sleeping - you know it's there even though you're not awake so you don't fall off.
I was so scared about sleeping with her in the beginning, but your body naturally knows not to roll on them. And my husband and I use to get upset about our bed being to little for the 2 of us....couldnt even tell a difference when she joined us. I also slept with her in the crick of my elbow, that way I knew that my husband would roll on my arm before he would her. Even though it never was an issue we were both subconsciously aware that she was there.
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