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Re: February Chat Thread

Originally Posted by jenfostermom View Post
So super fun around here (read the tone, thick with sarcasm). 2 yr old DFD's mom made a formal, false allegation yesterday that we were sexually abusing her. After 5 hrs at the ER, lots of police investigation questions, and sweet LO being subjected to a SANE exam, we were ccleared. But I'm really, really angry and hurt.
Wow - Mama. I'm sorry she put you (and her dd!) through that . What did she think she would gain from that? Just so incredible how some people think

Thinking about going through that - probably most foster parents' worst fear, I am wondering two things. How do you explain that to your children? Do you tell them her mom said you were hurting her and they had to check and make sure you weren't? And what if you had not been cleared immediately and they had some unresolved concern. If they went so far as to have your dfd moved, would there have been any possibility of your children being removed as well? I think for some this is the key fear that keeps them from fostering, the impact on their children of allegations.
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