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Re: Moving overseas - to go before or after birth?

Originally Posted by booty hunter View Post
I am weird but I find pregnancy much easier than the first year the baby is here. My babies are complete messes for awhile and won't be put down, some vomit nonstop, some never stop crying,won't sleep,ect. So pregnancy pain and discomfort is not a big deal compared to after birth. Also when I am pregnant I start nesting at like 20 weeks so moving, unpacking and decorating would blend in very nicely with what I would be doing anyways. I find after the baby is born I am so sleep deprived, sore, burned out that I would probably leave the boxes unpacked for years. So if it was me I would move now but it really depends on your pregnancy/postpartum experiences. Also moving now would give you a chance to find a house and figure out the nursery /space where the baby will sleep and find the right crib /swing/gear for the space. We had to move a few times before the baby was born only to find that the space required a smaller or larger crib/cosleeper. It would be nice to buy things for the baby and know what you are going to need instead of getting things and hoping they will fit when you get there. But things like insurance and jobs are a huge issue like the pp said so that would have to be figured out first. But if all things were equal I would go before the birth.
I laughed at the nesting comment and unpacking!
The thing that kept going through my mind was that an international move doesn't happen quickly. So say it takes 5 weeks to plan and pack to leave. That puts her at 25 weeks since she's 20 weeks now. Get settled. Wait the few weeks for her stuff to get to the US. Find a place to live, new doctor/ midwife, job.... getting a whole new life set up here.

That puts her early to mid 30 weeks by the time she's unpacking and trying to set up a whole house.....
If it were earlier I'd say before. That late seems very unappealing to me.
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