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UPGRADE! DS will soon be closed for a few days. Date TBA

Just a heads up I will be upgrading the forum software soon. I haven't set a date yet, but I expect it to be next week (possibly the week after).

I will give 2-3 days notice before closing the board. During this time, I urge everyone to make notes on paper or save it to a word file with emails and addresses they need to complete transactions (downloading all of your PMs to your computer is also a good idea!). The upgrade could take several days itself (very time intensive). I will post at least once a day with an update if not more often. The chat room link will be made available as well.

When I give the 2-3 day warning for closing the board, it will be posted here in the announcement forum as well as sent via email.

Taking a break to focus on God & family

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