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Re: UPGRADE! DS will soon be closed for a few days. Date TBA

DS will be offline Wednesday 9/27. I have spent the last week working on a test forum to make sure everything goes smoothly and to redo our custom look to fit with the new forum features.

Again, I urge everyone to download their PMs. When viewing the main page of your PM inbox, scroll down to the very bottom (where you normally choose to delete/move/etc pms) - just below you will see the following text....

Download all Private Messages as :
XML | CSV | Text

The options most useful to DS members are CSV and Text. CSV will open in programs such as Excel and stay nicely organized. Text will open up in programs such as notepad (which is on just about every computer, if not, you will have something similar).

Be sure that once you download your PMs that you are able to open it up in a program to be sure the download isn't corrupt or incomplete (if it is, you would just need to redownload most likely).

If you have any trouble, just post in the "Ask the Pros" forum and either a mod or more experienced member of DS will be happy to help.

DS may be offline for several days - we're hoping for just a few hours but you just never know. A link to a chat room will be made available.

If you have any questions, just post in "Ask the Pros" and we'll answer as soon as we can.

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