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Frustrating nursing behavior - help!

Ds is 5 mo on a few days. He has recently developed some nursing habits that are driving me up the wall and I don't know how to curb or redirect the behavior. A nursing necklace just makes him stop nursing to play with it.

1. Ds has starting singing to his supper, which is fine, except his grunting usually ends with him tightening his latch and then biting down. I take him off, say no in a louder than usual voice and look stern, but he just smiles and tries to get back on. I don't let him for a few minutes. He cries but if i put him on he does the same thing. It's been a week and hes still not getting it? What else can I do?

2. He cues to nurse in public, which is fine by me and we have done it regularly all over town, but now he is refusing to actually do anything productive. He latches, pulls off to look around. But god help me if I put my boob away. I have tried distracting him and doing something else, he refuses to be swayed. I tried covering with a blanket but the blanket becomes the object of distraction. Tried going some place quiet/alone but most of the time he continues to look around and not nurse. All his fussing tells me he needs to eat/comfort nurse but when I try to let Him he just sits there playing around.

3. He pulls at my clothes, his ears, hits and scratches my breast......he pulls my shirt to his mouth and turns to suck on my shirt and his hand. Same actions on my part as above but no results.

My nipples are getting sore from all the popping off and relatching. Any ideas? Is this just a stage and he gets over it? These behaviors are happening about half of the time we are trying to nurse.
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