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Re: Cottonbabies

Originally Posted by CntryMama View Post
I thought they were $11, and since a cover is $14 at Nickies that is only $3 less, not half.

I was wondering if there was something for retailers because I thought Target had some on sale recently...
Last seconds sale I saw, they were somewhere around 7.50 each for seconds (but you had to buy a pack of 3). Nicki's has Flips full price for 14.95 which is the same as the full price at Cotton Babies. As others have said, you can get Flips (not seconds) for 8.50 right now. So 50% off for seconds & a little over 40% off for the discontinued colors. I'm not sure what there is to complain about that, especially since they always have free shipping, no matter your order total.
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