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Re: Transverse at 25+ weekes?

I had this happen with my 4th. He was stubbornly transverse and then would flip to breech. I had a c/s with my 3rd for breech and I didn't want to risk losing my VBAC chance, so we went to a chiropractor that specializes in pregnancy and to an accupuncturist. He was transverse at times up until 35 weeks which is a really big deal from what I understand, but when we went and saw the chiro at that point he flipped down that day. He would try at times to flip back the wrong way and after another adjustment he would go back head down. It took a couple adjustments to get him to stay. He was born at home, healthy as can be at 41 weeks You have plenty of time, but I would definitely look into a chiro NOW as it is easier to fix any sacrum and round ligament issues that may be preventing baby to get into the right position.
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