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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

Originally Posted by ElizasMommy606 View Post
Hi mama, i'm not a lisenced provider but also a sahm and i care for a 2 month old from 12-5 a few days a week in their home and i only charge her $7/hour. What she is asking is out of the question. She doesnt have a lisence, and wants to bring her own child. No job would let you do that! You have to keep it within reason. I think $7 an hour would be perfectly reasonable especially considering the circumstances. (Mine is "under the table".) I'd explain to her that exact thing, that she can bring her own child, eat your food, and watch your child for $7-8$ an hour. Ask her if she knows of any other position that you can bring your own child with you paying $15 an hour, I dont think there is one unless you are watching 4-5 kids and giving them rides to activities and the parents have the $$ and even then those types of families hire professional nannies! Good luck!
She wouldn't even be coming to my house - this is for me to drop off DS at her house. When I have somebody come to my house to sit I pay $8/hour.
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