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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

I'm thinking she is just a SAHM trying to make some extra money and has no idea what is fair. Kind of strange that she wouldn't have done her homework though. It sounds like what she would be doing is what I consider babysitting- as opposed to licensed child care. Someone who is licensed has to meet certain standards and usually has a predictable routine/schedule of daily activities. They often do things like have outdoor play, art projects, etc. I am not saying that is what you are looking for and I don't even know if your son is old enough to benefit from it- I just think those kinds of situations are things people pay more for.

However- I guess that's beside the point. I agree with you that it would be kind of rude to not respond to her, but I would feel the same way about wanting to just ignore it! I think you can simply tell her that you are currently paying $25 a day and have talked to others who charge around the same. Let her know that it is the going rate for home daycare.

My son was in home daycare in two different places (both here in CT.) The first was $45 a day when he was under a year old, then it was $40 a day from age 1-2, then it went to $35 a day and stayed there up to age 5. The second place was $40 a day- he was 2 1/4 when he started and only stayed for 6 months so I don't know how it changed by age- or even if it did.

Some big centers charge more than home daycare- but I can't quote prices on those since I never opted to use one. Just thought this might help give some perspective on pricing.
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