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Re: anxiety over your childs health

Originally Posted by jbug_4 View Post
I do, but I try to keep it in check. I follow my instincts most of the time- the one time I didn't ended up being a disaster for us. I let dd's doc convince me that I was just being over protective. And because of that dd ended up spending her first year in pain, not meeting milestones, and failing to gain weight. Took 2 years of physical therapy to get her almost caught up to her age in gross motor. She will likely never play any kind of sport. I have followed my instincts since. And even when I sometimes thought I might be over doing it, they were still right. Everyone, including my self, thought I was being a little weird about not introducing peanuts until after she was 2. I just had a feeling. Turns out she has a severe peanut allergy (we did not give her peanuts she had an accidental exposure at day care). I had the same feeling about coconut even though its a rare allergy- she allergic to it too.

I have anxiety about ds popping up with food allergies too. He is so much healthier than dd but he is right now the age she was when she had her first reaction. So far so good.

I use to question whether it was instinct or paranoia. I have found the more I listen the better I get at telling the difference. I decided to jump every time and by doing that I have been learning the difference between instinct feelings and straight anxiety. In general I have always listened to my instincts, but with the kids there is so much more at risk anxiety does sometimes overwhelm the true instinct. But the more I jump the more I learn the true feeling.

i def feel like my anxiety overwhelms my true instincts because i keep "jumping" and to different doctors and they tell me hes ok and the something small happens like a bruise or weird stools or coughing etc etc and it sets me in over drive and i begin to think the worst sigh
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