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Re: something got our chickens last night

I have RI reds as they are a good duel purpose bird and good brooders. Mine found a hole in their run a couple days ago and my dog attacked them. my oldest daughter came running in in tears that Molly had killed a baby chick (they are fully feathered and about 5 weeks old now) My husband had to pull her off the chick and put her on the run. Once we got her on there we picked up the chick who was peeping but not moving. I didn't want to kill her needlessly so we put her in a box in the coop for the night to see how it'd go. The next morning she was jumping around looking for food like nothing happened.

I let my roosters out (we have 3 1.5YO roosters we were given) the past few afternoons, the first day the dog didn't bother them but the seond day she chased after them. DH's booming voice finally put a stop to her and we put her on the run. the rossters were alright. And then when I was taking the bunny from her ron to her hutch the damn dog tried to snach it out of my hands.

In all other aspects she's a great dog (super with the kids beyond belief, has never chewed anything and is usually obedient). Now I on'y let the roosters out in the late afternoon and keep the dog on the run. They know enough to stay away form her.

But to OP. I'm sorry mama. A fox keeps getting my mother's. She's lost over 30 hens and 10 ducks the past 2 years to a fox. (another reason I'll only let mine out in the afternoons while we're all home. The kids are always outside and I usually am too with the BB gun within reach).
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