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What's wrong with DHA and what organic should I use?

I may not have to use any formula, but my chunky monkey nursed every hour today then sucked down 5 oz of freezer stash, then went after boob again. Now I have no freezer stash. Never had supply issues but apparently this one wants LOTS of food. So I might end up supplementing and I haven't bought a backup can in several years so I would love some help. Price is less of an issue because I may not even need to open the can.

I hear the whole mess about Baby's Only which is what I used before. As I understand it they've cleared that up?

Still not sold locally so I may have to do another. my second choice previously had been earth's best but now I'm hearing stuff about DHA being bad I did a google search, but seeing as how I'm sleep deprived I'm apparently not finding much.

Ideas? Recommendations? THanks ladies!
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