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Re: Weight loss and the scale

Since we moved about a year ago, we still haven't unpacked our scale & I am SOOO glad b/c I get obsessive - need to step on it everytime I see it in the bathroom.

I've found the way you feel & your clothing size is a better judge, at least for me. It's better mentally anyway. I can experience a gain or loss from anywhere between 2 & 15 lbs in a 24-48 hr time period. I know it sounds pretty drastic, but it happens. I used to get myself wrapped up in the weight, but now if my clothes fit comfy & I look ok (to myself) in the mirror, then I don't worry. And I listed to my body to see if I feel bloated, bogged down, etc. That easily tells me if I need to adjust my water intake, drink some tea to flush out excess liquid, be a bit more physical, etc.

And remember - muscle weighs more than fat & if you are working out, you may lose fat & build muscle. And there's no one right weight/size that's good for every person. I hate those stupid "If you're xx tall you should be xx weight. It's crazy! People aren't clones.
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