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Re: Tell Me About Your Early Miscarriage (~7 Weeks)

Originally Posted by wordmama View Post
First off - big huge hugs coming to you mama. Secondary fertility problems are so difficult. I was in a similar position when TTC my third. I lost all of my babies before 8 weeks. Some were very painful, others with very little cramping. Some had a lot of bleeding, others were clotty but with little excess blood. Essentially, each miscarriage was different, just as every pregnancy was different.

All that being said, bleeding doesn't always mean miscarriage. Bleeding happens for a number of reasons in early pregnancy. I would keep your ultrasound appointment. In the meantime, your doc could do quantitative HcG blood tests to see if your numbers are rising adequately.

Big hugs mama. I truly hope your worry is all for naught.

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Thank you so much for the kind words. You're right - they're all different - I just wish I knew what to expect. The bleeding has really tapered off today, and I've even been running around doing dishes, laundry, etc. I know there is the chance it is a subchorionic bleed, I have a tendency to have those (I lost my 2nd pregnancy @ 11 weeks due to a HUGE SCH, I have a clotting disorder) and I would probably be more hopeful that's what it was if my pregnancy symptoms weren't tapering off. Nausea, sore bb's, and exhaustion all seem to be decreasing. I will definitely keep my u/s appt Tuesday, though - I want to know either way what is happening.

Originally Posted by AmeliasMum View Post
I lost twins at 10wks. I had what I would consider to be an actual mini-labor. I have had 3 live births, and they have been quick, and not painful, but uncomfortable at times. My m/c was horrible. Could have been the mental factor, that I was losing babies I had just seen on u/s a few days prior, but I had back labor, dilated, and finally passed the sac while sitting on the potty. Once that was passed, it was over for lack of a better word. My bleeding was never heavy or clotty, just a very light flow, mucusy and then dwindled down over the next few days. Sorry if this has been TMI. I'm sorry Mama, it's a horrible thing to go through. I have lost 10 pg's, and at least 11 babies in between my 3 living babes and my current pg. I am almost 27wks and still scared sh*tless of losing him. Hugs Mama!
I'm so sorry for all your losses also It sucks because even when I get a BFP, I am happy for all of about 30 seconds, then I realize that that is only about 1% of my battle, and immediately the fear comes in than any day my baby will be taken from me.

I keep reading about bad m/cs like you describe, but I am hoping that at 7 weeks it won't be quite as bad. There might not even be a baby KWIM? If it was a blighted ovum or something. Who knows. Ugh. Maybe I will see if my dr will call me in a few strong pain pills, just in case. I just hate the waiting. Bleeding has really slowed down today - I am hoping to not need a D&C again. Why do some of us have it so much harder than others? It's so unfair.
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