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Re: Tell Me About Your Early Miscarriage (~7 Weeks)

I also had several. 2 were just like a later period w more "chunks" for lack of a better word.
with 1 I passed a small sac. one has a small white spot in it which would have been the babys size.
on the one I was further with, i had weird spotting for a week and it had tissue bits in it. the bleeding stopped and I just passed a half dollar size smooth tissue that looked like a small placenta. I believe I was only about 6 weeks along then but maybe I was farther as my hcg was 846 at that time.

I have seen quite a few women having miscarriages and some are in intense pains w contractions when between 6 and 16 weeks. they tend to bleed at all different rates and heaviness but all slowed quickly once the sac was passed.

I hope you are not experiencing one right now but I fear you may. cramps and clear mucus signal to me that the cervix is dilated and emptying
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