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Re: Tell Me About Your Early Miscarriage (~7 Weeks)

hugs mama. What you are going through may or may not be a miscarriage, and I'm sorry you are going through this!

I've had 2 miscarriages. Well, 1 I think was more like a chemical pregnancy. It was very early on (4 weeks) and I had what I would call a slightly heavier period with extra cramping.

My second was a 5 week loss, and I bled for 11 days with that one. I had lots and lots and lots of clotting bleeding. Every time I sat on the toilet, I peed, and 50 clots or more would shoot out of me (sorry tmi). The toilet would be soaked red. One of my clots were plum sized, and that may have been the baby/sac/placenta? I really don't know. I was too afread to look at it at the time. With that loss, I also had what I would call "vagina farts". I know that sounds weird, but bubbles would come out of my vagina like it was farting a bit.

With my pregnancy now, I'm 9+ weeks, and I found out I have low progesterone and I'm taking pills for it, and I was taking cream. I really want this one to stick simply because it's my last chance to be husband is getting snipped next month! I really hope this one sticks.
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