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Re: Shipping Within Canada - Help!

Originally Posted by Kmayuk View Post
I didn't know that pp was cheaper. Good to know. I have only sold individual diapers, but I have put in ziplock bag, squeezed out all the air and put in 9X12 envelope. Never costs more than 2.10 per diaper as it is sent lettermail.
I tried to send one diaper this way from Alberta to Ontario and the quote from Canada Post for cheapest method was $13.80, more than the value of the diaper! It has do with crossing provincial borders or not. So if you are in BC or AB, it is only worthwhile to ship as far as Sask, because after that there is a huge price hike.

This is why all the big companies with free shipping over $x amount offers use Purolator.

But yes, PP is cheaper and greyhound may be your best bet if you have 9 dipes to ship.

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