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HUGE stash sell-off, BARGAINS! Wool, pockets, covers, fitteds, wetbags, MORE!

Getting rid of everything we have left. Huge bargains, because there are a lot of diapers here and I want to do it fast and get it over with. Please read everything carefully. I will charge actual shipping in your preferred method, you can ask for a quote beforehand and I’ll weigh and calculate the items you are interested in. We are a smoke free/pet free home. Note that many of the diapers have slight staining on the inners. I live in Seattle and there will be no such thing as sun for a long time, but the vast majority of it should be able to be sunned out. I took pictures of all the inners, so you can see most of the staining. I shaved and cleaned all the wool, but I did NOT bother to clean out the Velcro on the diapers that have them, which is all part of the low prices. Buy more, save more; make me a deal I can’t refuse.
I will try to remember to check the thread, but to make sure I see it, please DM me.


I had 38 used pockets to list, but my friend just decided to buy them all.

Except the following:
* 3 NIP Medium Fuzzibunz: Yellow, butter, and aqua. $12 each, or $33 if you buy all 3 (plus shipping). I didn’t take a pic but rest assured they’re still in the packaging.

* 4 Blueberry deluxe one-size with adjustable insert - $9 for the orange [ORANGE SOLD], $8 for the rest

Inside - some staining, but well represented here:

The animal prints have a slight pink tinge to them, the cow is a little more obvious than the other. The cow print and the brown w/ dots both have rips in the inside that don't effect function. See here (cow) and here (brown).


* 10 Goodmamas [ALL SOLD EXCEPT SPORTS PRINT]. They have all been well worn, but still work great except the 3 that need new elastic. If I remember right these are from the early days of Goodmama and have held up wonderfully. They all come with a snap-in double soaker, except one which is only a single. There are two with a single snap that doesn't work, but there are so many other snaps on these that it was never a problem. DM me if you need those identified, I don't remember which ones they were and would have to go back and look through them all, but I can do that if it's important to you.

First 5, Front:


The sports print needs new elastic. $6 for that one, ALL THE REST ARE SOLD, THANKS!.

Next 5, ALL SOLD!

* Purple Bubba J size 2 w/ lay-in soaker - $2. Pretty worn with some staining inside that shows up blue. Still works fine.
* Awesome black rainbow fitted from Ella Bella Bottoms- $14. Barely used. Minky inner with double snap-in minky/hemp soaker. Freaking awesome.



Close-ups of the wear spots on the purple Bubba J are here and here.

Another photo of the rainbow snaps on the Ella Bella:

* Kissaluvs size 1 - $4 [SOLD]. Forgot to take a photo, but it's just your average Kissaluvs fitted, no obvious staining. I’ll see if I can find a lay-in soaker for this one in my stash somewhere, I don't remember if I had one or not but I'll look.


* Mudpie Babies - $5/ea. If you’ve cloth diapered for awhile, these used to be a huge hyena item. Made by Stephanie, the original owner. They are all in great condition. Edit: Apparently they are now sold under the brand Zimsy Whimsy.


The three aplix are mediums, the side snapping is a large.


* Red cow print by Bottom Buddies, size medium - $3
* Little Painter print Valor kids side-snapping cover, size medium, purple on the inside - $6
* Purple one-size Wonder Wrap, great condition $6



WETBAGS— $5/ea

* Dark blue Mother of Eden wetbag, single snap.
* Goodmama monkey space bag, size M, zippered [SOLD]
* Green & blue, not sure of the brand, has a tame floral print on one side and a different repeating floral-like pattern on the back. Zippered. [SOLD]

All nice and well-kept, many are pretty new and seldom used.

* Choco rainbow longies & hat set - $40
Hip: 17-18, Thigh: 5.5, inseam: 7.5, rise: 16-17

* Black & Pink Crankies - $35
Hip: 17, Thigh: 6, Inseam: 7.5-8, Rise: 17



Red/Pink longies - $10
Hip: 16-17, Thigh: 5.25, Inseam: 6.5, Rise: 16

* Rainbow longies - $10. [SOLD]
This was a brand that used to be all over ebay for years, and now I can’t seem to find it or remember what it was called.
Hip: 17, Thigh: 5.5, Inseam: 10, Rise: 17

* Red/Orange upcycled longies - $15
Great condition, basically new. Made by In a Sheep Heap on hyena cart. LOVE THESE!
Hip: 13-14 with lots of stretch, Thigh: 5.5, Inseam: 8, Rise: 15

Tie dye footie longies - $20 [PENDING]
Hip: 16-17, Thigh: 5, Inseam: 8.5, Rise: 14.5

Green/brown Longies - make me an offer. Have a hole in the butt, see the photo. Hopefully someone can repair this because these longies are awesome. Awesome!
Hip: 16-17. Thigh: 4.75, Inseam: 6.5, Rise: 13

* Green/blue felted shorties, so not much stretch, but bulletproof! $10
Hip: 17-18, Thigh: 5.25, Rise: 14.5

* Rainbow soaker, also felted, but bulletproof and awesome- $10
Hip: 16-17, Thigh hole: 5, Rise: 18.75

* Purpley soaker - $6
From the same ebay wool company that I mentioned above. Has a stain on the front that is less obvious in real life than it is in the photo!
Hip: 14, Thigh hole: 4 & v stretchy, Rise: 19

* Green soaker- $10
Same ebay brand as mentioned above. Cute!
Hip: 12, thigh hole: 3.5, rise: 17

* NEW Grateful Buns (from etsy) upcycled wool soaker - $12
LOVE this. We just slacked on using cloth diapers in general by the time my dd would fit into this. From the original listing:
“This ‘patchwork’ soaker has black, 100% Merino on the inside, and 100% Shetland Wool on the outside, in stripes of red, green and purple. The legs are beige, 80% Wool, 20% Cashmere, and the waist is green, 100% Merino.

The size is MEDIUM, fitting approximately from 10 to 20 lbs (4.5 to 9 Kilo), with measurements as follows:

Waist: 15" at rest, stretching to +22"
Rise: 9" in front, 10" in back for a better fit over bulky diapers.
Legs: 7" at rest, stretching to +11"

Soft elastic in the waist to keep up the soaker AND the diaper!”


* I have several snappis of different colors. Free with purchase. [GONE]

* I have a box full of pocket diapers that need new elastic. There are 25 medium old-style fuzzi bunz, 5 Petite Fuzzi bunz old-style, 3 large Fuzzi Bunz old style, 4 knickernappies (1 small, 3 medium), one gorgeously made colorful unnamed pocket diaper with turtle appliqué on the back (I should really take a pic of this, it’s a very nice diaper, and the elastic is still there, just weak), and 2 XL Starbunz (cow and ladybug-- may still work with the elastic it has, but is worn and needs a serious shave). I have inserts for all of these. There are also 3 unnamed fitteds with double snap in soakers that I’m pretty sure are early Goodmamas that have no tag, and a GORGEOUS blue “And Such is Life” AI2 with a white astronaut appliqué on the back that I should also really photograph.
Make me offers. I can weigh any amount for shipping quote as well, just send me a note. They are “boyish” colors/prints (except for a few purple medium & one petite FB) but we’re in the 21st century now and you are safe to use them on a girl, as I did.

Well, that's it for now. I'll try and take photos of the stuff I'm missing, DM me with questions/requests/buys.

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