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Re: SAHMs: How much are you repsonsible for??

We have a general rule that once DH is home and relaxing, I do too. Dinner dishes wait until morning, and we spend the evenings as a family together. Then on the weekends we take one day off to just do family stuff, and then the other day is spent with both of us doing things around the house; takes less time and energy with two working! DH usually mows the lawn but I enjoy doing outside work so sometimes I'll do it if I have time, he takes out the trash on trash-day morning when he's on his way out the door to work, and he does his own laundry since his work clothes require special attention. I recognize that he works long hard days away from home, and he recognizes that I work long hard days at home. Being more lax about the housework waiting until morning, and taking one weekend day off have helped a lot with feeling like there's no time to just relax and rest.
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