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Great grocery store story!

Yes, baby got DD a plasma car. She is gonna be so excited, but she won't understand that it's from baby. And even though she loves the cars when we're anywhere that has one, I almost bet she'll ignore it at our house - lol.

Babysat my friend's little boy so that dad could spend the day at the hospital with mom and the new baby. Baby isn't able to come off oxygen yet, but is doing much better so they're not sending her to a NICU.

Anyways, DD and this boy are like 2 months apart (he's 2 months younger) and about as different as 2 kids could possibly be. It's just insane watching the two of them. He plays with toys, for one. And not just plays with them, but pretends things and invents storylines. DD doesn't play with toys. She reads books. All day. She has pretty much every children's book in our house - which is a lot - memorized.

So weird. He was so low maintenance comparatively. I love DD and I'm proud of her, but it was just insane watching these two kids all day and noticing how very very different they were. I'm not sure DH really understood until today cause he's not around the boy ever like I am.

Anyways... Tiring day
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