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Re: Stinky Kitchen Towels

Originally Posted by benjaminsmom View Post
I find I need to use something like bac out or pink solution (basically an enzyme based detergent/ cleaner) to really get the smell out. Baking soda in the wash helps too. I find the most likely cause is if they are left really wet for too long, like put wet into the hamper then not washed for a few days. Or if they are not dried completely after a wash and put away damp. Hope you can get your stinkies at bay! Nothing worse I Know. We had an issue with some bath towels after DS overflowed the bathtub one day and DH used towels to mop up. Good luck!
Yes, to the bolded...I think that's what's happening. So would you soak all of them in a bucket with hot water and bac out? Sorry I don't know what pink solution is
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