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Re: Surprise, Planned or Rainbow Baby?

Originally Posted by sterlids View Post
i don't understand how being pregnant affected your being commissioned to the point of not being at all?? i mean i know the officer world is completely different from the enlisted world but this just doesn't sound right to me?
Ok I'll try to keep it short In order to commission you must pass your pre commissioning physical. A comprehensive health screening in which a lot of people find out they have some issue that makes them in ineligible to commission, (ie a heart issue, pregnancy etc.) You would think they would do this your first year, before they spend thousands on your education duh. I got pg in Jan, and my physical was in Feb. I had no idea it would matter at all and neither did the officers in the cadre. So they researched and found that I could not take my physical until 6 weeks after the birth! I was devastated. We'd made all sorts of plans, and not commissioning with my class just sucked after 4 years of work.

So fine, 6 weeks after she arrives I call up to schedule my physical and it's set for Jan. 4 days before my physical, I ended up with a blood clot in my lungs In the hospital for a week, could not believe it. So they say then that I have to wait until I'm off of blood thinners (ie 6 months sigh). Ok, wait the 6 months, they lose my paperwork not once, but 3 times I resubmitted the same dang forms. There was talk that they got a spot for me in Alabama or something and I'd have to leave my nursling for training once I finally got my physical (devastated about that but it's life).

Virtually another year had passed and the AF has begun to downsize quite a bit. With the paperwork mishaps that spot was gone and now there are zero spots left for officers in my year group They decided to just give me a medical discharge and send me on my way. So yea, had she been conceived after my physical, I would have commissioned fine and they probably just would have found me a spot in a clerical type field. I know now that I have antiphospholipid syndrome where my body created antibodies after my first birth which may very well have caused the clot, and subsequent early miscarriages, so there's a chance too that I would have had to separate early from that later but who knows.

Crazy huh? The believer in me thinks that I was just not supposed to be on active duty for whatever reason. DH was blessed with a good career that provides just as well as the air force would have and I have my wonderful girls. I never imagined myself a SAHM and I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity as it is wonderful.
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