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Re: who here was bullied as a kid and who here was a bully?

I was kind of both. I was fine unil 7th grade, the first year of Jr. high yet the last year in that district. All of a sudden my "friends" were teasing me because I was flat chested and other very stupid reasons. I moved and that summer my boobs popped out and everything changed. I became the "biotch" in school. Snotty, cheerleader type that knew I could get away with whatever I wanted. I lived in a big house in the new subdivision so I hung with "those" kids. I didn't bully anyone that wasn't already being a bully themselves, kind of just giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Hasn't affected me in life. Maybe if I had been mean to someone who didn't deserve it things would be different. Overall my jr higha nd high school memories are awesome but I have learned that snotty is just plain annoying and not cute at all.
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