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Re: How to tell midwife I want UAC?

Originally Posted by angelarose View Post
Yes it would seem there is more risk for things to go awry during delivery than pregnancy, but I have this inherent urge to be completely alone during labor (not necessarily delivery). I keep thinking "what if she says she is hands-off but when it comes down to it, is just the opposite", that would be a nightmare, I honestly think it would hinder the birth process for me, make it more painful, and possibly lead to complications. In the past I have recognized that I deal very poorly with emotional stress, to the point where it very easily affects my physical health...
I understand this totally, but I'm still going with a midwife for the labor and birth. I really would like to be alone for this birth (my husband slept through most of the labor, also). I was alone with my first because that's just the way it worked out, and I'm afraid that if there are a bunch of people there this time, that labor will be harder and/or longer, but I've decided that I can't take the chance of there being a complication that a trained midwife could have anticipated and helped with. We also have no idea how we are going to pay our midwife, but we'll figure it out somehow. I do worry about if she'll be hands-off enough for my comfort level, but I think that the risks outweigh the benefits. My midwife had 2 unassisted births herself before becoming liscenced. I think she is more careful now than she was then, but I still hope that she'll be hands-off unless there is a possible problem.

that said...I really wouldn't want to pay 4000$ for prenatal care and postpartum only. I would probably just consent to having her at the birth and pay her for the whole thing.
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