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Re: How to tell midwife I want UAC?

My understanding that once you signed a contract, your MF officially becomes your medical provider. Anything that happens during your pregnancy, birth and postnatal is HER responisibily. Regarless it was your decision to have UC.
If you do it to save money, I'd go with OB. They should reimburse you the cost of birth, which is about 1/2 of their charges. I do not think they risk anything if their patient (!) opts to birth at home.

I would not do it to a MF. Most of them do not have malpractice insurances and risk loosing a license.
Plus, they do not differentiate actual birth and prenatal care. Most of MW I talked to believe that 90% of their work is done during the prenatal visits. So you won't save much even if you find the one who agrees to provide only prenatal care.

Hugs, hope everything works well for you.
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