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Valentine's Snooping!

Yesterday, I took Dh's phone when I went to go take a bath so I could play a game while I relaxed. He got a message so checked it to see if it was urgent or could wait. (It's his work phone). I started snooping. I found a delivery confirmation for a package in his personal email.

It was for "Dup Texas Traditions". But I never heard of the company and it didn't have an invoice attached. So all day I've been thinking about it. Maybe it was a Double Bouquet of Yellow roses?

So I took his phone tonight. Found the email. I could have just logged on my computer because I have his password but I didn't think of it. I'm a bad snooper. I looked up the company.

I should expect a delivery of Checks the Duplicate kind with Cowboy pictures soon. Yep... not my Valentines gift.

All I know so far is he told the Early Intervention person we were not available the morning of the 14th for an appt.

What has your Valentines Snooping found out? Or are you waiting for your surprise?
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