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Re: Really worried that shes not getting enough

Originally Posted by Silver)O(Moon View Post
Its ok mama. Dealing with low supply can be an emotional roller coaster and isn't for everyone. We decided to formula feed our 5th due to low supply plus a milk allergy - the first time any of our babies haven't been EBF. Be gentle to yourself. The hormones can do a number on you for a while. I cried a lot that first week! But he thrived and it was the right decision for us. Head over the the Formula Support forum. There are lots of BTDT mamas who can give support if you need it.
Oh wow, thank you so much for this. I haven't had anyone to really vent to over the situation. Hubby doesn't quite get it. Though that's partially my fault. Awhile back we had considered formula and I told him I wasn't as attached to BFing as some are, well apparently I was wrong.
And I'm still not dried up, and this may sound strange but it really hurts to see the supply dwindling like that. Feels like I'm killing something. Ugh, sorry if that sounds strange. I just try not to think about it, even though I'm always apologizing to baby girl when I give her the bottle. I need to quit that I know.
Anyways, sorry for my ramble. A place to vent my emotions ya know?
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