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Re: Five days ago my daughter requested a hair cut... *before pic added

seeing as during my senior year i had mine cut very similarly (went from hair so long i could sit on it, to that short) i would let my dd if she wanted. i might try to convince her to shorten it a little and then we could cut more if she still wanted, just so she wouldn't be devastated like i was lol.
mine was more out of frustration than wanting it short. i was on the fire dept and we'd had a tornado come through. i had been up on a roof with a chainsaw cutting a tree that fell through someone's roof, and my hair kept coming out from under my helmet and into my face. when i got home i told my mom that either she could cut it super short or i would shave it. knowing my impulsiveness, she cut it so i wouldn't actually shave my head lol. i called her thenext day crying because i was so upset ...not at her, but because i loved my long hair.
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