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Re: Long Hair on Boys

IT may not be the popular option but I use flat clips to train my kids hair.

Tharen's hair is actually short but he keeps the bangs long like mine (Oi) but as he was growing it into this style from a mohawk I had to train his bangs to part in the middle instead of just hanging straight down into his eyes. I did it using these little flat clips. He loves the clips so much that even now that his bangs are long and can tuck behind his ears he still wears them pretty frequently and I sometimes buy interesting ones for him (like with spiders on them). They come in just plain black or silver too.

I can't remember what I did with either of their hair when they were little babies other than top knots but the last time Kearnan was growing his hair back out from a really bad hair cut I used these same clips in it to train it to part in the middle again. I also will use a little pomade in the bangs to help them part sometimes when they hit the shaggy phase. Tharen now tells me he is going to grow his hair out long again and I have no idea how we will handle it. I guess I will leave his bangs long so at least those won't be in his face.
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