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Re: Mini Minimalist Challenge: 1/7-1/11

Originally Posted by TalkinBoutMyGirl View Post
Tuesday 1.8.13:
I don't have a diaper bag so nothing to purge there. I wish I had more to get rid of
No way, that's a GOOD thing if you don't need to or can't do a challenge!

Originally Posted by hbee View Post
Tuesday 1.8.13: Purge 5 items from your purse and/or diaper bag.
- 20 so far.* And, now my diaper bags are nice and ready for our next trip.. except the big one. That's in the washer because my cat has a death wish. Seriously, who pees on a ju ju be?
Originally Posted by hbee View Post
ETA - Thank you like a million times for today's (1-8) challenge. I began emptying my diaper bag and found that the cat had just peed in it. If I hadn't done the challenge, it would have been several days before I discovered it and the bag would be ruined.
haha, you're welcome! Sorry it happened, but you made me laugh!
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