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Re: tell me some funny things your LOs say

Originally Posted by THBVsMama View Post
About a month ago I was talking to DS before bed and asked him what was the happiest and saddest parts of his day. When we were discussing his saddest, he goes "Remember last night when I was freaking out on you"? I told him I didn't remember and to explain, and he replies with "Remember, I made you mad so you threw me in the middle of the road and ran me over with Daddy's truck!"

The other day he was telling his paternal grandmother that he was on 'the ship' [ there's a ship docked on the water here called The Lexington that served in WW2 ] earlier but a cockroach kicked him off into the water.

Several mos ago, but I'll never forget this one, he was pooping on the potty and had the farts. He started laughing uncontrollably and yelled "Mommy, my booty is sick"
My 3 yr. old at-the-time told me the babysitter threw her in the in opened the sliding door, pitched her out into the snow and closed the door. The funny thing is, as sweet as this babysitter was, I actually stopped to think if it could've been true.
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