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FSOT: Graphite cash 6 (anthrazit nino w/wool 6)

Hoverers: graphite cashmere 6 $275, anthrazit nino 6 $230

If you think my prices are off, feel free to MMAO. The worst I can say is no, right?
I really need PP (I scored a wrap conversion slot!! ), but could probably be swayed by: a long Didymos violet lilies for the right price; a laguna ellipsen; Kokadi forest birds in black/silver or gray/turquoise; an Oscha linen grad.

All together:

ON HOLD- Brand: Didymos anthrazit / anthracite nino
- Size: 6, 4.6m
- Colour: gray and white
- Price: $230ppd, including insurance
- Materials: cotton and wool
- Condition: If I recall correctly, it's slightly felted, but still very useable. I measure it at 24" across, measuring at several spots along the wrap. I can measure more thoroughly upon request. The edges are slightly wavy in spots, but no other signs of felting (pills, dense areas, etc.) have been noted. It still has give in all directions, and I would confidently wrap my babies in it. I'm not sure if this is a thick or thin; it weights 845 grams. On some casual investigating, I found this thread, where it says that the thick ANs were labelled with a special tag saying the weave was denser. All my nino has on it are the washing instructions tag and the Didymos tag. So I don't consider that definitive by any means, but it isn't labelled with a tag saying it's a second or a denser weave than normal.
- Notes: I'm currently ready for this to move on, but would kindly ask for dibs from the mama who buys it.
- Personal pics:

- Brand: Didymos graphite cashmere
- Size: 6
- Colour: gray/graphite indio
- Price: $275ppd, including insurance
- Condition: EUC
- Notes: Tentatively listing this... but I need funds...
-Pic: graphite cash on top of Anthracite Nino and NB Ardoise

Crazy action pic from our tandem-wearing first attempt today

The fine print: Coming from a smoke-free, kitty-friendly home. No pulls or irregularities unless noted, but these are used baby wraps and I am human. I'll ship Priority with DC, insurance is extra (unless noted) but recommended. Shipping included to the US, PM me for shipping outside the US. I just had a baby! so I most likely can't get to the PO every day, but I'll let you know before you purchase when I'll realistically get your wrap shipped to you (barring drama, it should be within 3 days of purchase).

Deep breath.... and submit.

SOLD below:
- Brand: Didymos natty cash/ natural cashmere
- Size: 7, measuring 5.3m
- Colour: natural/ off white
- Price: $400ppd, including insurance
- Condition: EUC, we've used it VERY lightly
- Notes: Dibs mama contacted a few days ago; I'll give her another couple days, then consider it available, please PM with interest!

- Brand: Hopp Tokyo-- getting chopped!
- Size: 6
- Colour: black/natural stripes
- TV: $150
- Condition: EUC
- Notes: Just received this; I really want a Tokyo size 4 (or MAAAYBE 3), so thought I'd put it up for trade. If I don't find a trade, I'm chopping it!

- Brand: Didymos Stillen und Tragen (SUT) Nino - Rot / Red
- Size: 6
- Color: pinky-red with white ladies
- Price: $130ppd ($135 to include box)
- Materials: cotton
- Condition: BNIB
- Notes: Bought new from Birdie's Room. Never taken out of the box... I just admire it and think about how sweet a little girl would be wrapped up in it! Alas, I have only boys, and this needs more love than we'd give it.

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