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Re: Are compression leaks normal with PUL covers?

I have not had any leaks or wicking with my Alva PUL diapers even with just 1 insert. I've had wicking with a minky if the insert in just laying the the diaper, but not if it's stuffed. I fold my insert in half and lay it in the wet zone when we're at home (stuff if we're going out, or stuff all minkies). I've had some really soaked inserts, too, because DD is a heavy wetter. At home I just use the one, but when we're out I use two.

I would try again with all the diapers and see if it's that one that's prone to leaks - maybe examine the condition of the PUL on that one? Did you have the insert stuffed or just lying in the diaper? If just lying in, did you check the legs to make sure the insert was tucked around them? I agree with the other mamas, too, check the fit to make sure it's not too loose or too tight.

Our Alvas are working well for us, I hope you're able to figure things out!
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