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Re: ♥♥ February Garden chat ♥♥

I know, right?! It's been really warm the last 2 days here and it only makes me itch for spring planting. I putted around cleaning in the yard yesterday, today's my "day off" from exercise routine so I'll do more of the same today. Need to get my asparagus planted, and maybe Monday or Tues if the weather is still nice I'll get a couple of the posts for my fence set. No invading the garden this year, my feathered gals! LOL I debated getting my summer crops started now, but the reality is that I just have no where that is a good large environment to grow out plants for 8 wks without them getting leggy. The heat comes on so fast in May that they basically wait until then to grow outside anyhow. On years like this where there was no real snow in dec/jan we always get a late dusting in march so I'm expecting that as well. You're going to love that black cherry tomato, that's our favorite here and what I'm growing this year as well. For your questions, beans need warmth to germinate, it's true.. but you can start them indoors and get them set out sooner. They are simply more susceptible to rotting in cold wet soil than peas are during germination. Actually peas are rather unstoppable. I've had them survive full on freezes with little damage. The sooner you can get your beans established in spring the more likely you will get a good crop. Once the hot weather hits, they don't do very well. Here I've had good and bad years with them. If it's too hot I basically just get a very green vine and nothing else. I've come to rely on bush beans for the greater harvest. They do wonderfully here. Yes beans will climb anything but peas need something to hook their tendrils on to pull them up. They don't weave in and out like a bean and they are a lot more self-supporting. Check your package, I've noticed that most of what is readily available lately is 24-30" average. My favorite (wando) only grows this tall and surprisingly they don't require a lot of support. A stake on either end of a double row with a couple strings across is enough. The stocky parallel vines support each other.
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