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Please Pray for my Cousin Great Update

My dear sweet cousin gave birth less than a week ago to a healthy little girl. She was able to take the baby home 48 hours after giving birth. The next day my cousin was rushed back to the hospital.They suspect she has Toxic shock syndrome and have been bombarding her with tons of antibiotics but she doesn't seem to be improving. She is so depressed that she can't see or be with her newborn. Please pray she recovers and is able to get home to her darling sweet baby quickly.

Just wanted to update you.
Last Friday, one week after giving birth, my cousin suffered cardiac arrest while still hospitalized. They were able to revive her and after doing countless test that turned up nothing they took her into exploratory surgery over the weekend. THey found the source of the infection and were able to remove it. Happily she was able to come home yesterday and is doing excellent.
Adoption is my option!Adoptive Mom to Cory (9 years old)
Heartbreakingly long wait to adopt baby 2. (8 years waiting at this point with no end in sight) Please lord..end this wait soon.

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