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Re: Help Troubleshoot nighttime leaks

Originally Posted by littlest_one View Post
I tried a fleece soaker over a fitted with zorb and still got leaks... but maybe it was the wrong kind of fleece? The ones I got were WAHM made too... but is there daytime ones and nighttime ones? How do you know which it is? It gets SO complicated! LOL

I do like hemp blends but find I need something else because it isn't as "quick" as microfiber or bamboo. I also find it stiff and wondering if that makes the fit worse?

I think there are different weights of fleece which I assume means how thick or thin they are. Mine are pretty thin but there are Dancing Bears fleece covers that have a heavier weight for nighttime use. Maybe that will help? Or maybe you could message some WAHMs that do fleece and see if they are able to make you a soaker/shorties/longies that are heavier?

Could you do bamboo on top of hemp? That way you have quick absorbency on top and then the super absorency on the bottom. I know may seem like a lot but my DS has a HUGE nighttime bum. It looks crazy and like it might be uncomfortable but it works and he seems to sleep alright so I'm sticking with it! LOL
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