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Re: Chat Thread ~ Nov 11th-17th

Originally Posted by RunawayBunny View Post
Hugs about the doc visit. If you didnt get the ultrasound done would the anxiety pass? Could you just do normal doc visits from here on out. Or would the ultrasound help after its over?
Thanks for the hugs! I think DH and I both need the u/s - it's a lot of anxiety thinking about it, but once it's done we'll feel kinda like we "know" what's going to happen. I mean, if Hiccup isn't healthy we'll know we're facing more heartache. If Hiccup is healthy and well, we may actually be able to start looking ahead and thinking about having a baby - as opposed to just being pregnant.

Originally Posted by bai18176 View Post
Elena, I hope you make it to the Dr. soon and have your ultrasound soon with wonderful, positive results
Thank you!

Originally Posted by sunnygirlmomof6 View Post
I am 19 weeks today and finally feeling her move more often throughout the day. It makes me feel so much better and a lot less nervous and worried all the time. I am also not puking every day, so that is good.
for more movement - hey, and for less puking too!

Originally Posted by MamaBarton View Post
I am 20 weeks and 2 days today and yesterday we were blessed with felling Mary Elizabeth kick all day! Dh was even able to feel her kick! so wonderful! and she has kicked a few times this am as well! when do the regular kicks (as in worry if u dont feel them) start?
oh and I appologize this is a little gross but what is up with the nipples feeling like they have been cut off when they get cold like omgosh extreme pain! nothing helps but a hot shower any suggestions on what to do? will lanolin help?
I can't wait until DH and the kids are able to feel Hiccup kicking!

At this point, I would still be concerned if I didn't feel anything for a whole day because that's a change in movement, kwim? But that still could be her moving or changing position so that she "hides" and you just can't feel her - at 20 weeks they're still relatively small and have loads of room in there!
But you start "kick counts" (where you want to feel 10 movements in at least 2 hours (and, at least IME, it takes much less time than that)) at 24 weeks.

I'm sorry about the nipple pain. It sucks. And, no, there's really not much you can do to help. You could try lanolin and see - it wouldn't hurt, if it didn't help, kwim? But it's really just your body starting to change and prepare for producing milk and baby latching and nursing.
Definitely wear a supportive bra, and I would give the lanolin a try. But, if nothing else, it is totally normal for them to feel like that.

Originally Posted by Buena View Post
i feel VERY SMALL pokes here and there when i am resting watching TV at night. otherwise, NOTHING, i am almost 20 weeks!!! its making me INSANE!
Originally Posted by dagmomma View Post
This is me. But I am almost 18 weeks. I think I feel baby move but then I am like well it could be---xyz not baby.
Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
Same boat here!
mamas. I know how stressful and worrisome that can be.

AFM: (pretty much c&p from the preg after loss thread, in case anyone sees both!)
I made it to my Dr this morning. I hadn't called, so it was just a "walk-in" appt slot. I started filling out the prenatal history form, we got a req sent (to the hospital we want) for the u/s, checked my bp (high for me, understandably), and heard Hiccup's hb on doppler. That was... difficult, lol.
I don't think it's for a bad reason, but of course my mind went instantly back to my 17wk prenatal with Elli, when we had trouble getting the hb, and that sucked.
But I'm sure the whole time I could feel squirming from Hiccup, and I could hear thumps and swooshes on the doppler, which should mean movements.
He did catch the hb for a couple seconds down low on my right, but then it just disappeared. I could feel Hiccup move up and over left - we ended up with my hands above baby holding him still, then the doppler against him on the other side - got a good bit of hb... then he squirmed and was gone again. Apparently he does not like the doppler.

I am going back tomorrow for a bit more of a "first prenatal" - we'll get all the paperwork on the go, get urine and weight and fundal height, :crossfinger: hear that hb again - maybe not easier... but quicker?!, and get lab reqs for my bloodwork. I won't be doing a physical or any vag exams with this pregnancy - if nothing else, I just did them a year ago (pretty much exactly a year, too).

DH came with me this morning - it wasn't actually as bad as I thought... but this was largely due to them having moved offices! Just from one side of a building (kinda duplex) to the other - climbing the stairs and going in the first door was hard... but then I went the "other way". Which, silly as it may sound, may it suddenly easier, different... like there could be a different outcome this time.
He won't be able to come with me tomorrow. But I think I'll be okay.
Whether he knows it or not, he is coming to the u/s with me. There's no way I'll get there on my own, never mind getting through it on my own! Now that the req is sent off, I just wait for the hospital to call me to make an appt for it.

Apparently, he said there can be up to a 2 month waiting list for u/s But I know I've gotten in right away (with DS2, at 6 weeks, I was in for u/s within 2-3 days of the req), and where we're req'ing it at a smaller town hospital, hopefully they'll not be as booked/busy?
Anyways, whatever. It will work out, however it is meant to.
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