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for all you organic experts....

Does it really make a big difference if you use organic bedding(very expensive and plain) or regular baby bedding? I know about the off gassing of chemicals but didn't know how severe or little the off gassing was in baby bedding. Can the bedding just be aired outside for a few weeks and washed a few times before using to help get rid of the chemicals that are off gassed. And I was looking at the breathable bumpers and crib sheets but they are made from poly mesh which off gasses chemicals so is it really better to use than a breathable cotton bumper or crib sheet? I know non organic cotton may contain some pesticides but don't know if thats any worse than the chemicals off gassed by poly. What is your advice? I'm under the impression that SIDS is more likely caused by the off gassing of chemicals and PDBEs that are off gassed from the fire retardants used on crib mattresses that build up in the body than anything else. I'm planning on buying an organic crib mattress so I'm not worried about that. How often do babies really get sufficated by a crib bumper? Is it more than i think? What is your experience and what is your advice?
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